Commercial Rent Recovery (CRAR)

One of our most frequently used services is commercial rent recovery.

Many tenants do not pay by direct debit, and regardless of their covenant become casual concerning payment on time.

So increasingly landlords and their agents, take advantage of the common law right to levy distress for rent.

When rent is overdue, traditional methods of recovery are often protracted and cumbersome. To overcome this, the landlord can exercise his unique common law right to appoint a certificated enforcement agent (bailiff) who without recourse to the courts, can levy distress on goods and assets at the demised premises.

Protecting the Landlord

If you enter into a payment plan with a tenant without the involvement of a certificated enforcement agent (bailiff) you will encounter problems if the tenant defaults or revenue and customs or business rates bailiffs commence action against the tenant.

Safeguard your position at the front of the queue.


Most commercial leases contain a clause allowing forfeiture if rent is in arrears after a defined period. Care must be taken by the landlord in this matter and we will discuss each situation on a case by case basis.

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